Epilution is a combination of the words Epidermis (skin) and Solution. Unlike franchises that treat clients in a cookbook way, I take the time to evaluate your skin and analyze your needs and expectations. Next I explain your options. Together we determine the best way to get you what you want. It is my passion to ensure that every client I treat receives the best cosmetic care available. We call that care, an Epilution!

The best part? Seeing how happy I make my clients. I get so many hugs! I believe we’re really making a difference in these people’s lives. And that’s something of which I am truly proud.”

The Epilution app is a templated app that provides many helpful features for the customers of TireWorld in West Palm Beach, FL.

These are some of the functions that work together to ease the process of doing business.

  • Location maps
  • Before and After photo gallery
  • Loyalty programs for various skin treatments
  • ‘Ask the Dr’ messaging