About Us

IT-Driven is a business entity of AppDriven Marketing, Inc.

Steve Powers, founder and President, has been serving the IT industry since 1985 which was the year he founded SLPowers, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida. Growing to one of South Florida’s premier systems integrators, SLPowers was sold in 2001.

With the popularity of smartphones gaining strength in the early to mid 2000’s, AppDriven Marketing, Inc. was formed to address this market. Through the customization of templated apps as well as custom app designs, AppDriven helps customers get mobile!

As customers requested additional services, AppDriven increased the available list of services to areas beyond smartphone apps. This additional service offering is handled as IT-Driven Services.


Years of Experience

Accomplishments of note:

installation of 1st WIFI network at a college campus certified in network infrastructure since 1992 providing expert solutions since 1985